Due to the great success of the farmer’s market that takes place in Eau Claire, there is talk about opening up a grocery store on Barstow that would contain lots of local food options. I found an article that gave the details and plans for this grocery store and chose to use this for my food topic.

Since this grocery store does not exist on Barstow, I came up with a strategy to tweet about local food options as my main focus to still incorporate how Eau Claire enjoys keeping the money in town by supporting local distributers. For my first tweet I talked about how The Blue Flame Grill in Davies uses local meat to show how even our large university has interest in local food distribution. Following this I tweeted about the new plans for the grocery store with a link to the article I used. For the next tweet I wanted to get a photo of some students eating in Davies to continue the local food discussion by informing everyone what they will see in the near future. For my final tweet I retweeted a tweet posted by Blugold dining that shows their excitement to offer a special food option in Davies.

Out of all these tweets, I would say my most effective tweet was my first one talking about how Blue Flame Grill uses local meat. I feel by tweeting this it really comes to show how Eau Claire supports local distributers.