The food topic I choose was Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich shop. This particular brand of sandwiches has quickly become one of the most popular places to eat not only on campus but also nation-wide. The article I selected to base my tweets off of, focuses on the growing business as a whole and the appeal to college students in particular. Being a college student myself, most of my tweets focused on directing student’s hunger to the Davis Center and to also taking advantage of the rainy day that was happening when selecting the wording for my tweets. My tweets were informative by providing information about the advantages of hot fresh baked bread and their hot bistro sandwiches as well. Since that particular day was cold and rainy, I took advantage of this by mentioning the words “hot” and “baked” to appeal to the students demographic of wanting a hot fresh meal in order to propose choices to a wider audience. Erbert and Gerbert’s offers a wide variety of not only sandwich types, including cold and hot but also offering soup which puts them above the competition. It is important for students to consume a well-rounded diet and I think Erbert and Gerbert’s is the right choice. Through research of my article and my live tweeting, I am even more persuaded that this individual food chain is the best choice for students.