By: Sam Heidlebaugh, Briquelle Neyens, Sarah Olfelt, and  Pachia Xiong

Do you find yourself having a hard time staying motivated when it comes to exercising? Group exercises have proven “Whether you’re new to exercise or getting back into it, group exercise is a great way to get moving, make friends and stay motivated” (Michalek, YOU Magazine). “With group exercise classes, you have other people’s energy driving you,” says UW Health Fitness Center fitness instructor Karla Bock. Maybe you’re new or just seeking an exciting on-campus community to make friends and have fun. The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire has exactly what you need.

This awesome university offers about 13 group exercise classes. These classes range from yoga, Piyo, cycling, Zumba, and the list goes on. They’re taught by energetic and motivated instructors to get you going. Not to mention, they’re offered almost every day of the week, in the morning and at night. The first class is offered at 6 am and the last class is offered at 8:15 pm. This way, your busy schedule can’t stop you from achieving your health and fitness goals!

Not only will these classes get you moving and help you achieve a higher level of health, they will also allow you to reduce stress while being with your friends. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “Although some studies indicate that exercise does not differ from traditional treatment (antidepressant medication or psychotherapy) in reducing depression symptoms, exercise combined with psychotherapy appears to produce even better results than either by itself.” It’s a more natural alternative to increasing your physical and mental well-being as opposed to medication, which means it comes with no side effects or signs of withdrawal.

UWEC also has an engaging campus community that participates in rock climbing at the UWEC climbing wall in McPhee. Climbing can help you stay both physically and mentally healthy, as well as connect you to some amazing individuals, which can turn into lifelong friendships.

Whether you’re new to campus or looking for ways to keep exercise interesting, stop by the rock climbing wall or a group exercise class and join in. The risk is definitely worth the rewards.