Ultimate Frisbee is a game that may get overlooked.  The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire offers club and intramural Ultimate Frisbee teams that will guarantee a positive outcome.  The teams are easy to join and the sport is an inexpensive one.  You will also gain a variety of health benefits as well as build long-term relationships along the way.

The UW-Eau Claire Ultimate Frisbee club is a great way to make friends, stay fit, and create lasting experiences through a fun and engaging sport.  Where other teams and clubs may have cuts, the UW-Eau Claire team doesn’t eliminate based on ability and encourages open participation.  Joining the team is as easy as showing up and staying dedicated to the game.

Not only is Ultimate Frisbee easy to join, it includes some great health benefits as well.  Frisbee allows you to burn calories, get your daily amount of exercise in, and have fun while doing it.  You burn up to 477 calories per match and improve your cardiovascular health while simply playing a game with friends.  Nobody likes to do a boring workout, so join the UW-Eau Claire club or intramural Frisbee team today and have fun while staying fit.

Ultimate Frisbee is also a very cost effective sport.  Compared to more mainstream sports that can get pretty pricey, Ultimate Frisbee’s costs will not break your bank.  Joining an intramural team is a great way to get a taste of the Frisbee experience for only a few dollars.  For a more competitive outlet, club Frisbee is the place to be.  It is $50 to join the club and the equipment to play costs around $110.

While participating in a sport like Ultimate Frisbee, you can enhance your social skills and exposure to other likeminded individuals.  For example, both the men’s and women’s club Ultimate Frisbee teams at UW-Eau Claire have 20 members apiece, and each of the intramural teams have an average of 10 members.  Participating in this sport is a great way to get involved and build life-long relationships.

Saving money, staying healthy, and building relationships while playing a fun sport that is easy to join.  Working out doesn’t have to be a chore, get out and join the UW-Eau Claire Ultimate Frisbee club or intramural team today!

Kierstyn Fibert, Abby Swiecichowski, Jeremiah Webster, Parker Reed