By: Patrick Doss, Madeline Forrest, Alyssa Layton, Rachel Roth

College is a time for students to explore opportunities and form one’s values and identities. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is known as, “Wisconsin’s Singing University” and provides students with new possibilities through music.

The Cabin is UWEC’s most popular music destination featuring a wide variety of musical acts every weekend. It features a wide variety of musical acts that reflect the musical nature of the city of Eau Claire as a whole. With a population of 50,000 Eau Claire attracts hundreds of thousands of music festival attendees each summer to the Eaux Claires and Country Jam Festivals. Eaux Claires is put on by former Eau Claire grad Bon Iver just like the Cabin focuses on indie and folk music with a heavy emphasis on arts and poetry.


Arts and poetry are important to students on campus. When Haley Parvin decided to major in music education at UWEC, she couldn’t pass up the chance to perform her original songs at The Cabin. The Cabin is a place for music students to gain professional career experience. Whether a student aims to become a music teacher or a worldwide performer, UWEC has opportunities and programs for them.


Among the many programs, Music Education major, Foua Xiong, is one of many students at UWEC who wakes up knowing she is striving towards her passion. Like many, Xiong is so enthusiastic when she discusses what she wants to do in the future with her degree. Music education is just one of the nine possible music majors. Xiong believes that every individual has the opportunity to connect with music in different ways, and stresses that assessing music helps lead to higher thinking.


Higher thinking is a concept that not only students take seriously. Elizabeth Joosten is a first year choir conductor and professor at the UWEC. She is from a small town of Cameron, WI and attended UW-River Falls. She made her way back to her hometown and taught music for 18 years. Elizabeth explained how music was her passion and she emphasized that if you know your calling, “Just do it.” Elizabeth is one of many professors at UWEC who dedicates their time helping students grow into the people they strive be. Whether it be band, choir or orchestra, music helps lead students toward their goals in higher education.