By: Ryan Bramwell, Amy Crandall, Janel Riegleman, Erin McManaway


The “Let’s Talk” program offered by the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire counseling service is an informal and confidential support system for students. It’s a drop in only, one on one meeting with a counselor where students are able to talk about their daily endeavors without the commitment to continuous counseling.

Counseling is very common among college students but many are reluctant to attend because they are unsure whether or not they need counseling. The “Let’s Talk” program is not regular counseling, and creates a comfortable environment for students to express themselves.

Freshmen Emily Koch took that first step to better herself when she walked in for a Let’s Talk appointment. After her first appointment Kock felt so much better that she signed up for regular counseling. She is now proud to call herself a college student who goes to counseling because she knows that she took the right steps to help better herself as a person and a student. Students and psychologists are in agreement that Let’s Talk is a great resource to have on a college campus.

Psychology major with a passion for helping others, Kelsey Kronholm shared her opinions relating to her sincere admiration for the UW-Eau Claire’s counseling services. She speaks on the various ways people can benefit from Let’s Talk, regardless of where they are in their college career; whether that be in a place, academically, mentally, or physically. She knows ever-so- well that the range of benefits people can improve on are catered individually, and confidently states you will absolutely benefit from stopping in. Kelsey, along with countless others, from RA’s to students, even professors, all agree on the value found in Let’s Talk.

Katelyn Klieve is a resident assistant in Oak Ridge Hall at UW-Eau Claire.  She recently presented at GLACURH, a regional housing conference on leadership and mental health.  She believes that Let’s Talk is a beneficial service for all students because it helps to take away the stigma of sitting with a counselor every week with a box of tissues.

Students at UW-Eau Claire are all in an agreement that Let’s Talk is a beneficial program that caters to all student’s unique needs. Although this is not substitute for counseling, these can also serve as consultation for students who are unsure whether their needs are better suited for regular counseling.